Kim O'Connor

"Kim helped my husband and I purchase a new home all the way from Virginia. She is the portrait of professionalism and made a potentially stressful transaction so fun and enjoyable." - Kim T.

Trained as an architect and designer, I have redesigned residences and constructed coffee houses on two continents. I believe in good design, and that good design contributes to good living. I enjoy helping others envision their goals by helping them envision their spaces. Whether you love Midcentury Modern and Mies or Tudor and half-timber, I will help you find the home to fit the Zeitgeist of your life.

I am a native Coloradan and grew up in southeast Denver. As an adult, I have lived other places; but, I always come back to Denver. The people, the weather, the mountains, my family – Denver is my home.

As a proud Bonnie Brae resident, I love frequenting the local spots with my husband and 2 boys. My family always goes for Bonnie Brae Ice Cream in honor of the first snowfall. My pup and I love a good walk around Wash Park. My husband and I would rather watch the Bronco game (or the World Cup!) at the Tavern on Old South Gaylord than at home.

With my skills and background in design and architecture, I provide my clients with value added services in every real estate transaction. Whether it is staging your property for sale, or envisioning a life in the home you might buy, invest in, or renovate, I want to help you see the spaces both as a real estate professional, and as a designer. I am a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Denver Metro Association of Realtors. My skills in negotiation, combined with the leading home search technology of 8z and the 8z commitment to client-centered business, I will help you make an informed decision on one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Real estate is not just about finding a property. It’s about finding a home. It’s where your proverbial heart is, where you hang your hat, and where countless numbers of life events, minute to major, will unfold. It is house and it is architecture. It is family and community. It is joy and it is yours. Home. Let's find it together.

Elizabeth J.

Kim sold our home and was professional and efficient throughout the entire process. She is very knowledgeable of market trends and was able to guide us through the decisions we had to make as far as pricing, improvements, etc. She was always available no matter the time of day or night. She was always kind, patient, and courteous with us! We highly recommend her!

Lauren D.

Kim is at once engaging, thoughtful and professional. With her practiced eye and thorough research, she's a great source for anyone searching for their next home or investment property. With her background in architecture and design, she will quickly pinpoint the key features that are both desirable in the current market, and timeless to outlast the trends. Kim is the complete package, and I can recommend her with enthusiasm and confidence.

Laura W.

Kim worked with me on the redesign of apartment rentals in an historic city center. She understands how design, craft, construction and economics play into housing markets, and how luxury properties should look and feel. Her education as an architect and her experience in high-end design make her uniquely suited to help clients envision spaces and recognize value and quality in a property. She is a tireless worker, unfazed by a fast-paced, changing environment. She handles all her tasks with professionalism and grace.

5 stars - Highly likely to recommend

Bought a singleFamily home in 2019 for approximately $425K in Centennial Park, Englewood, CO.

As I finish the last touches on my morning brew, sunlight pours in through the kitchen windows. It decorates my counter tops in strips of color, silhouettes, and refracted light. I love this part of the day. I sip my coffee, burn my tongue, and laugh to myself. I always drink it too soon. This is normal. This is home. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I saunter into the kitchen each morning like I’ve been doing it for a lifetime. Actually, I moved in three weeks ago.

Years back I spent some time in the mortgage industry. From that experience I understand financing and negotiations—also, it’s probably the source of my coffee addiction. For a moment I toyed with the idea of buying a home without the help of an agent. I assume they were just a middle-(wo)man that would take a commission after I found a house through my own means. Looking back, that was sure disaster. If a friend had not sent me a referral for Kim O’Connor, I’d still be lost in a sea of homes—dominated by a nuanced Denver housing market that requires skill, knowledge, and maybe a little luck to navigate. Thankfully, Kim has an abundance of all three.

I knew I wanted the perfect home. You know…an equal balance of instant mountain access with proximity to city life in Denver that is pretty close to work and also affordable for a thirty-something with student loans, regular bills, a car payment, and no trust fund. Kim helped me define what “perfect” really meant for me. She spent time with me. She asked about my life and my weekends and my ambitions. The house details started filling in once she got a snapshot of who I was.

By nature, I am a procrastinator. Left to my own devices I would have dragged my feet through the process. Thankfully for me, Kim O’Connor is committed. Starting with our first interaction, she was proactive and resourceful. She led me through each step, providing critical information and things to consider while still being patient enough to let me make my own decisions. There was no pressure, only constant support. I felt reassured the whole time that we’d be successful.

Kim forwarded me the listing on a Saturday morning. I told her I wasn’t really interested. I was tired and distracted…honestly, I just wanted to go fishing. She gave me a tactful nudge and suggested this was one worth going out of our way for. She’d done her homework and knew not only that this checked off all the boxes on my “wants” list, but also that we’d have to act fast. We were the first in the door that day. Five minutes into the showing I looked over at Kim. She was smiling because she already knew what I was thinking. This was the one. Time to act. Her afternoon was already full of other appointments, but instead of continuing with her plans she went back to her office and drew up a contract for me. Game on.

The negotiation process after an offer is accepted has its own set of stressors and peculiarities. It takes a tactful, poised, and assertive agent to make sure their client’s best interest is served and both sides walk away happy. Kim’s tenacity in this process is truly impressive. She educated me on the legal process and the timeliness of contract deadlines. She has an abundance of resources for inspectors and contractors to make sure your home is just right. She pushed and pulled in all the right places between me, the seller’s agent, and the third parties involved in closing the deal. I went under contract to closing on my home in less than a month—I also got to take a weeklong vacation in between.

Kim O’Connor is the agent you’re looking for, whether selling or buying. Above all, she’s an advocate for her clients’ interests. She works around the clock (literally) to make sure all the pieces you need are available to make educated and timely decisions on your home. Whenever the time comes to find a new place to brew my coffee, I’ll most certainly give her a call again.

Review by: jonathandpowell

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